Araya Kawakami (川上新夜)
Araya and one of his masks. Art from the Blade of the Immortal Artbook.

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Member of the Itto-ryu(?-1782) Mask maker(?-1782)

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"But if you appreciate Kawakami Araya's masks... then you are one twisted guy!"

"If it was just my problem, I could grit my teeth and bear it. But sons, friends, parents, brothers... once they get mixed up in it, I can't keep my blade sheathed."

"Yeah, maybe the folk I kill got problems of their own. But if it comes down to their problems versus my problems... I'm not going to hesitate."

"Don't leave me like this. I can't face my boy."



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Araya Kawakami(Jpn. -

川上新夜 - "Kawakami Araya") was an early Itto-ryu member in Blade of the Immortal.


Kawakami is first shown when Anotsu and the Itto-ryu kill Rin's father and mother. He leads the rape on O-Toki, and even paints her body the same way that he paints his masks. Two years later Kawakami is at a festival at his stall selling masks, and resolves a conflict between two children over a mask. During the process of resolving the conflict manji approaches his stall to presumably buy a masks and ends up being a witness to the resolution. Kawakami notices manji's presence and asks him for his sword to help one of the two children. After using the sword to resolve the conflict he comments about how much blood the sword has seen and eyes manji. Manji in turn smiles back and said that something was bothering him. He asked Kawakami if he and his Itto-ryu friends are always following him because they seem to be everywhere he goes.Kawakami replies that the Itto-ryu swordsmen are always wandering about unless they are called by Anotsu, and that if they see someone like him the orders are always the same: "If you see them kill them." They are about to battle but are suddenly interupted by Kawakami's son who asks what they're doing. Not wanting his son to know his true nature, Kawakami tells him that Manji critisized his work and he lost his temper. Shortly after he leaves and tells manji to pick a mask if he likes. On his way out he is spotted by Rin and causes her some emotional distress later.

While at his home later, Kawakami is pulled out by his son to meet a new friend. Kawakami wonders who this is and goes out to see a young girl who was infact Rin. Renzo leaves them together to go buy some tea leaves and while they're alone the two start a conversation. Soon after, Renzo began marking Rin up like he would a mask, and Manji appeared to fight him. After a fairly short fight Rin crushes Kawakami along with Manji with an obsticle in the room in order to save Manji. When both of them get back up Manji kills Kawakami as Renzo walks back into the room.

Equipment and AbilitiesEdit


Kawakami fought with a standard Katana, along with a Tanto for backup


Kawakami is shown to be fairly adept with the sword, and is able to gain the upper hand on Manji, untill Rin steps in.



He and his son share a great relationship due to his son not knowing of his father's atrocities in the Itto-ryu. When Kawakami is killed, Renzo stabs Manji throught the chest, and runs away. When he comes back to the house he notices that Manji's body is no longer there, and concludes that he is still alive. Renzo decides to take revenge on Manji, but is shot down by Rin when she claims that Manji's body is no longer there because she decided to give him a proper burial.


Rin hates Kawakami for raping, and painting her mother, but still shows sympathy for his child Renzo when Kawakami is killed by Manji.



Manji and Kawakami about to face off before being interrupted by Renzo


Kawakami is stabbed by Manji