Eiku Shizuma (閑馬永空)
Shizuma returns to the hut after murdering an innocent woman.

Birth date:

Unknown (Around 1540)

Death date:



Unknown (Natural age thought to be around 26-36, immortal age thought to be around 200+)




Samurai serving under a Lord(?-late 1500s) Member of the Itto-ryu (?-1782)

Death toll:



"Damn right!! With these eyes... I've seen the dynasties fall!"

"Maybe you could call it satori. One day I realized that... all I had really needed, all along, were people just like me."

"It's true... living like... like a worm... of it."


Inoue Shinkai Kosatsu ("Wormkiller") [Sword]

Inoue Shinkai Kosatsu (") [Knife]

Eiku Shizuma(Jpn. - 閑馬永空 - "Shizuma Eiku") was an early member of the Itto-ryu and the first immortal antagonist in Blade of the Immortal.


Shizuma was given the kessen-chu much like Manji. However unlike the recently immortal Manji, Shizuma had been immortal for nearly two-hundred years learning of powerful poison that prevent them from regenerating the wounds in the body. He covered both of his weapons in this poison and use to fight other immortals. He was shown with aspiration for taking over the world finding Manji a possible ally but was quite disappointed when this was not the case. As with other immortals Shizuma lack the fighting style of normal human not even flinching at pain or trying to doge attacks his very immortality becomes his weakness, one that Manji fear has weaken his swordmanship. At the end Shizuma was killed by decapitation and the same worm-poison which slowly took effect showing just how strong the kessen-chu could be. While the poison he use is never given a proper name other than 'Wormkiller' its however later use by Fujiaki Kasori to try to kill Manji.