Meguro (目黒)
Meguro, ready to take on Shira

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Rokki-dan Kunoichi


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A Kunoichi of the Rokki-dan, who have befriended Manji and Rin. She works alongside Tanpopo, and her real name is "Koto"


Introduction of the Rokki-danEdit

Meguro is first introduced as a member of the Rokki-dan along with the others, and she comments on Tanpopo's artistic talent. Later on, Meguro and Tanpopo are at Master Sōri's house as his students. It is clear that Meguro is infatuated with Sori, as she always makes him food, and made the seating arrangements so that the two were together while Tanpopo was across the room. When Rin brings Manji to stay at Sori's house, Meguro shows distaste because she can never spend time alone with Sori, further showing her interest in him. Later, Meguro and Tanpopo spy on Ugen Hanabusa when he took Kagimura's Son and wife to ensure that Kagimura does not leave Edo.

Leaving EdoEdit

When the time is up for the ittō-ryū to leave Edo, Habaki and the Rokki-dan must follow. While Tanpopo is explaining why to Sori, she is pushed aside by Meguro who explains instead. Later while tailing the Itto-ryu, Tanpopo and Meguro notice that Anotsu and Baro are not with them, and go back to meet up with Anotsu. On the way back a group of shinobi sent by Ugen to stop the Rokki-dan attacks the two. Tanpopo is hit by shuriken, and is knocked unconcious, and when their leader is about to kill Meguro she cuts her arm to push her back, and runs with Tanpopo in her arms. As she's falling unconcious at the nearby town, Rin picks them up and finds Burando to give them medical care. Tanpopo's injury was not fatal because she was wearing a metal plate on her chest, to which Meguro remarks that it's because she has larger breasts than her. Rin asks if Meguro and Tanpopo were working for Habaki Kagimura, and Meguro realizes that the Manji she is with is actually the "hundred man slayer". Meguro wondered how Rin figured out, and she replied that Meguro was talking in her sleep about it.

The Return of ShiraEdit

While Meguro and Tanpopo were heading back to Kagimura, Shira heard them talking about Manji and Rin. Shira blocked their path and threatened to kill them if they didn't tell him of Manji. The two of them remembered Habaki telling them that if Shira asked them anything about Manji that it'd be best to tell him the truth, otherwise they wouldn't live through the encounter. After a while, Meguro tells Shira that they were in a town nearby, but had probably already left by then. Later on, Meguro and Tanpopo returned to Shira in order to help Manji and Rin, and Meguro faced off against Shira. After a while of stabbing Shira and running she becomes exhausted and begins to wonder why Shira won't die no matter how many times she hits him. Eventually Shira grabs Meguro when she tries to attack and knocks her to the ground. After cutting her clothes off Shira asks if she's a child, because Meguro is under-developed in the chest and is crying. Regardless, Shira continues on, but is stabbed in the chest by Magatsu in an attempt to save Meguro. Magatsu acknowledges the fact that he will die, but says that he will at least take Shira's leg from him first. Manji returns and fights Shira instead, but is cut up, and barely manages to pry Shira's eye out. Manji and Magatsu then take Shira down on horseback, with the help of Meguro's foot spikes, and they leave Shira limbless to be eaten by wild dogs. Later, Meguro helps warm up Rin's body after she was under the freezing water for so long. When Renzo comes to take Manji's arms as revenge for his fathers life, Rin steps in and takes the blame, but when Renzo goes to take the arms, he is stopped by Meguro who throws him to the ground. Later, Meguro and Tanpopo are asked if they will take care of Renzo, and accept.

Equipment and AbilitiesEdit


Meguro is shown to have used a fairly small blade, along with small spikes she uses for her feet.


According to Magatsu, even though Meguro is physically weak she is at least as nimble as Dōa Yoshino in combat.