Monk Boa
BOTI monk boa
Boa challenging an entire Dojo

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Member of Itto-ryu (former)

Boa is an Itto-ryu swordsman who had single handedly defeaten all of the Nagajo-ryu's swordsman.



In Kunimitsu Amon's backstory, Boa started out as a blind monk who asked if he could stay at the Nagajo-ryu dojo, but once he entered the door he re-introduced himself as Monk Boa, a member of the Itto-ryu. Amon challenged the entire Dojo to a fight saying that if he won, the itto-ryu would take control of the entire dojo. The Dojo's head ordered the students to kick him out, but they were all easily defeaten by him. After words he took control of the Dojo, but it eventually got taken down. Boa had inspired both Amon, and Kurehiro from the Nagajo-ryu to become stronger, and join the Itto-ryu.

The Banquet of DeathEdit

Boa is later at a Banquet between a group of Itto-ryu members, and Sosuke Abayama the vice chief of the Itto-ryu. All of the food and drinks served were poisoned, and Habaki Kagimura along with Giichi, killed everyone attending the Banquet except Sosuke who barely survived.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit


Boa's real weapons are unknown, but he is shown to be proficient with a katana from when he used a Bokken to take down an entire Dojo.


Boa's true abilities are unknown because he was killed while poisoned, but he is shown to be much more powerful than a common Samurai.